Matcha Zen Smoothie

This smoothie adapted this recipe (adapted from 118° Cafe) is an easy and simple way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday diet. It contains both matcha green tea powder and maca root powder both considered “superfoods”.

Matcha helps to safely cleanse and purge the body of harmful elements. Chlorophyll, the element that gives green tea and other plants their signature verdant color, is also a powerful detoxifier, helping to eliminate both chemicals and heavy metals from the body. And because matcha is carefully shade-grown, it is substantially richer in chlorophyll than other green teas, making it a superior daily detox.

Maca root (or Peruvian ginseng) is a great source of Amino acids, containing around 20 Amino acids, 7 of which are essential amino acids. It’s considered a superfood because it’s rich with minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese. It also contains vitamin C, A, D3, and vitamin B1, B2, B12.

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