Soaking Nuts, Seeds, Grains

Why soak nuts, seeds, and grains before using?

  • Soaking begins the sprouting or germination process.
  • Nutrient levels within the nut, seed, and grain significantly increase.
  • Soaking actually activates the nut, seed, and grain, and turns it into a living food.
  • Soaking minimizes the enzyme inhibitors found in dry nuts, seeds, and grains, and may alleviate digestive discomfort after eating nuts.
  • Raw, un-sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains contain enzymes in a ‘dormant’ state. After just a few hours of soaking they begin to sprout and the enzymes become ‘active’.
  • A diet high in food enzymes = a healthy, vibrant body, improved digestion and a strong immune system.
  • When soaked, nuts, seeds, and grains are more easily digested which means greater nutrient absorption through the digestive tract.

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